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Secondary Phase Religious Education

Religious Education at Trinity is a core subject and plays a central role in the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and mental development of each student at Trinity. All students study RE at KS3 and KS4, all students complete a full course GCSE in RE- AQA specification A.

Our curriculum is both ambitious and inspirational and is defined by our local context, the Lewisham Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese. The locally agreed syllabus celebrates the diversity of religious and human experience. It encourages pupils to grow with the knowledge, skills, sensitivity and understanding, to develop as confident and productive members of their local multi-faith community and the world. 

At Trinity Religious Education aims to 
  • Equip students with systematic knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and world views, enabling them to develop their ideas, values and identities
  • Help students to explore and learn from the beliefs of others, building understanding of those things which influence and motivate people today both worldwide and in Britain.
  • Give pupils a voice, an ability to develop their views and informed opinions in a safe environment where they can flourish and grow as national and global citizens.
  • Help students to explore their own beliefs, considering their basis and their implications and reflect on their own experiences
  • Develop students awareness of current issues facing humanity and support them in exploring their impact on their own lives and the lives of others

Our curriculum plan for the year 2022-2023

 Please find a link to our locally agreed syllabus here