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    Year 9- Year Progress Leader - Ms R Sylejmani

    The Year 9 team

    Year 9 is often touted as a tricky ‘middle year’ at secondary school, however at Trinity our Year 9’s have started to complete their GCSE qualifications. It is our aim as a Year 9 team that students not only achieve academic success in the classroom, but to strive to becoming outstanding young people. With the core Trinity ethos at heart, students are challenged to live ''life in all its fullness'' by Learning, Loving and Living and in doing so, reflect the school values both in and out of the classroom. Building on the tremendous strides each student has made in KS3, Year 9 students are to become; open-minded, caring, knowledgeable, reflective, principled, courageous, insightful, resilient and independent life-long learners. 

    Advice and concerns

    Please feel free to call or email our Year 9 team anytime about any concerns you may have about your child or their time in school, we are dedicated to your child’s wellbeing and success. Please do keep us informed of any changes of address and personal contact information, as well as any illness or absence.






    The Year 9 team can be contacted on the following email addresses: 

    Year Progress Leader

    Rina Sylejmani - email address :

    Deputy Year Progress Leader

    Saara Karppinen - email address :

    Year 9 - Family Group


    9 AWA Anthony Walshe
    9 MTA Maria Tate
    9 AHU Andrew Hutton
    9 LTI Lucy Timms
    9 RKE Richard Keen