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Year 6 to Year 7

This section covers all the information parents, carers and pupils will require for their children to transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

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Welcome letter from our current Year 7 pupils

Step by step transition at Trinity

Transition at Trinity Church of England School

At Trinity, we understand that the transition from primary school to secondary school can bring new challenges, different friendships and exciting new opportunities for learning. We pride ourselves on the process our year 6 pupils go through from open mornings to their very first day as a Trinitarian and the day they open their results having accomplished all they wanted. Please see below the different activities we offer to help our incoming pupils feel settled.


Year 5 trial days:

All local primary schools are invited to our secondary school site to live a day in the life of a secondary school pupil. We offer lots of different lessons on the day, an opportunity to meet the staff and time to see the school building. This day helps to give an insight into what it will be like moving around the school for lessons and hopefully give pupils time to consider choosing Trinity as their secondary school.


Open events:

The open events that we offer range from open mornings before summer and after summer, open Saturday morning and private tours upon request. We believe it is very important that you get a feel for the school when viewing it to help you consider if it is the best choice for you/your child. We really encourage families to come along during the school day to see what Trinity is like in action. If the working week does not work for you, we offer a Saturday morning where you can see the dedication from the staff and pupils to showcase our school in the best light.


Choices made:

You will then need to make the choice which secondary school is the best fit for your child, if you need any help with this, our admissions department can help you.


Find out secondary school:

This is when the local authority let you know which school your child will be attending in September, we hope it is Trinity!


Buddy event:

The week following from finding out your child will become a Trinitarian we them along for a buddy event. This is an event run by our year 7 pupils and they organise games, treasure hunts and team building activities to help your child get to know the school and their new peers/teachers. It is a lovely evening full of fun and friendships and hopefully starting to dispel some of the worries about attending secondary school.


Parent event:

At trinity, we believe it is important for the pupils to feel safe and excited to learn at school, one of the ways we can do this is by talking to you, the parent/carer. This is an evening where we invite you to come along with your child if you wish and tell us any information you think will be important for us to know when welcoming them to Trinity.


Vulnerable transition day:

We understand that moving from primary to secondary school can be very daunting and sometimes worrying so we offer a transition day ahead of the borough wide day to help your child settle into the school on a smaller scale. Pupils invited to the vulnerable transition day can be: pupils coming from a school on their own, pupils that are anxious, pupils with SEN, LAC, EAL needs. If you think your child falls into this category, please let us know at the parent event or email us.


Borough wide transition day:

This is a day organised by Lewisham and they send all pupils from all primary school to their secondary school to get a taste of a day in the life. This day helps all pupils get to know the school and meet staff and get to know their family groups. You will also find out information like their family group name, their main contact person and other essential information like uniform etc.


Talks with the primary school:

Ms Hollett and Ms Kelly communicate with all the primary schools that are sending pupils to us in year 7. This may be in person, over email or a video call. Ms Kelly is the dedicated person for SEN transition so gathers all of the information from staff that know your child the best. Whilst Ms Kelly is chatting to staff, Ms Hollett will be talking to your child and understanding their worries and

answering questions they have about starting secondary school. This is a very personalised experience we offer at Trinity to allow your child to get to know staff and for us to understand how we can support your child to thrive at Trinity.


Parent event 2:

This is a parent curriculum event we offer to help parents meet adults involved in their child’s journey at Trinity, teachers, pastoral team, mentors and head of year. We invite all parents to come along as we provide lots of tips and tricks to be prepared for secondary school.


Summer school:

The best week of the year! We offer a summer school for £25 for the week. This includes pupils having the opportunity to get to know staff, get to make friendships at the beginning of summer, go on school trips and familiarise themselves with the school building. Every year we have done summer school the pupils come away more confident and friendships that are strengthened during the summer holidays to have a support starting secondary school. We encourage every pupil to attend summer school.


First day:

You will leave them at the gate knowing that they are ready to start secondary school.





Key people:

  • Ms C Shobbrook: Deputy Headteacher (Transition, Behaviour, Inclusion and Safeguarding)


  • Ms B Hollett: Transition co-ordinator and Head of year 7


  • Ms K Kelly: Lead SEN transition co-ordinator
Admission Enquiries
  • Fayola Duncan -
Attainment, welfare and progress
  • Sally Reed (Head of Year 7) -