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Trinity House Captains - applications

Dear Trinity Family

We are relaunching the House system at Trinity and I am delighted to say that we are now receiving applications for students to become House Captains. There will be four students per year group from Y7-10.

Be part of a student leadership team and work closely with members of staff to help your house to succeed. The application deadline is Friday 24th September.

House captain Job description attached.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions.

Mr Cruz

Head of House Structure

House Captain Job Description and Qualities

  • You need to feel confident and comfortable talking to adults and pupils.

  • You will need to have good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook, an ability to lead, work with a team, inspire and motivate others, organise a group or activity and be a good role model. 

Key Tasks

  • You will be an ambassador for the school at all times.

  • To work closely with your Head of House to promote a strong identity for your House.

  • To work with other House Captains to create inter-house competitions involving all areas of the school. You will meet regularly with the other House Captains and senior staff and make sure that the student voice is represented in key decisions and development.

  • To work with the primary phase to support transition.

  • Be involved with House assemblies to celebrate House achievements.

  • Y10 Senior captain will need to liaise, work well with and manage the junior captains in your house.

  • Promote pupil voice through the House system. To support decisions made by the school and Pupil Voice and ensure that they are carried out.

  • Advertise House events effectively.

  • Encourage the active participation of all members of the school community.

  • Develop House loyalty and fundraising for a charity of choice.

  • Promote a sense of community within each House.

  • To attend and contribute to regular meetings held by Mr Cruz and the Head of House.

  • To be lead learners in the school and support and prepare activities that encourage and support the learning of others.

  • House Captains will give key presentations about the school, for example to prospective parents and students at school events.

  • To greet important visitors to the school.

  • To be internal and external ambassadors for the school and to act as role models for all pupils at Trinity School.

  • Assist at school parents’ evenings.

Write a personal statement in no more than 300 words to: 

  1. Tell us why you are most suitable for the role of house captain.

  2. Outline any experience you have had, or situation you have been in, either in or out of school, which demonstrates the skills and qualities required to fulfil the role, for example: Tell us how you have shown an ability to lead, work with a team, inspire and motivate others, organise a group or activity, be a good role model.  

  3. Suggest what you would like to do if you become House Captain over the next school academic year.

Please send your statement to Mr Cruz via TEAMS/WEDUC or hand it to him in school by Friday 24th September 2021.

Mr J. Cruz

Head of House Structure