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Trinity Charter 


What makes our curriculum as different and as unique as your own child?

At Trinity we believe that children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum that develops the whole child.  With this entitlement, our children will have access to  new experiences and have a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith.

Our Trinity Charter is designed to ensure we provide and celebrate the whole child’s achievements, with a particular  focus on our learning, loving and living ethos.

Our Merit Charter is built around a range of experiences  that all children will gain whilst attending our school.

The Distinction Charter is a collection of additional achievements that     children can choose to accomplish over the Key Stage.  For this element of the charter, the children must share their accomplishments with their class and share any supporting photographs, certificates or evidence they may have.

At the end of the Key Stage, the children will receive their award during a special worship and they will progress onto the next stage.

Please see below the booklets that each child will recieve with a contents page outlining the experiences for each stage.

We have also made an example with photographs of our children actually participating in these experiences!