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Secondary Phase Science


Our aim in Science at Trinity is to:

  • Provide pupils with a broad knowledge base across the three Science disciplines.
  • Build essential practical Science skills.
  • Inspire intellectual curiosity and critical and logical thinking skills in pupils.
  • Build confidence and recall with key vocabulary.
  • Provide students with a global context to the subject knowledge and application of the information in current and relevant examples.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and build on their Science capital.
  • Provide students with the opportunities for cross-curricular learning.
  • Improving literacy and numeracy in students.

The Science Team

Mrs. M. Robbins (Head of Department)

Mr. N. Jones (2i/c Science)

Ms S. Williams

Mrs. R. Kaur

Mr. R. Keen

Mr. L. Lister



The core principles of Science are introduced early on during the five-year course.  Topics such as Cell Biology, Atoms and Energy are taught during KS3 and are revisited at KS4.  The delivery whilst informed by the requirements of the terminal assessment is not dictated by them, rather we teach concepts in an integrated and holistic way using booklets which engage and stretch our pupils.  Our Science curriculum is highly ambitious.  We have links with SE London Challenge, Colfe’s School, St. Dunstan’s College to ensure that we are fully able to support our pupils in Science beyond KS4.   We support pupils’ learning with KS3 Science club, and intervention lessons for KS4.  We use mastery booklets at all key stages to raise pupils’ aspirations and develop rigour in pupils’ learning.

Science at GCSE

Science is a Core subject at GCSE which means it is compulsory.  Most pupils will follow the Combined Science course, from which they can obtain two grades.  Some pupils will follow the Triple Science pathway, which consists of studying the three Sciences separately.  From this they will obtain three grades.  It is recommended that only pupils with a high degree of competence in Maths and English, as well as an aptitude for Science should take the Triple Science route.  At Trinity, we study the AQA board for the Sciences.  The specification for Science can be found here:


Assessment in Science

Pupils in Science are assessed rigorously to ensure that their chances of meeting or exceeding their potential is maximized.  Pupils at all Key Stages should expect regular feedback from their teachers every two weeks