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Secondary Phase MFL


At Trinity secondary school we offer two languages: French and Spanish. Our aim as a department is to equip students with principles and skills that will serve them as a foundation for their chosen language later in the GCSE, as well as cultural understanding that will be lifelong.

Across all year groups we use topic based booklets in the classroom, and they will have the vocabulary linked to the topic in their Knowledge Organiser book, which will support students in their learning path. Students will learn that listening and speaking are essential in KS3. Our dynamic teaching team will create plenty of opportunities in the lessons for students to use the language and practise it. Repetition and continuity is key in the first stages.

In KS3 students will learn the following content in French and Spanish:

  • Introduction to the subject
  • Expressing opinions
  • School
  • Relationships
  • Free time activities
  • Holidays

We encourage students to pick a language for GCSE as it is part of the Ebacc and will increase the chances for them to get into the colleges they wish to apply to in the future.  Students will choose one language for the GCSE, but the pupils who are fluent in other languages can also obtain the official qualifications, if the language is recognised by the Edexcel exam board.

In KS4 the themes are divided into the following:

  1. Local area, holiday and travel (Tourist transactions, town, region and country)
  2. School (what school is like: school activities)
  3. Identity and culture (who am I, daily life, cultural life)
  4. Future aspirations, study and work (using languages beyond the classroom; ambitions; work)
  5. International and global dimension (bringing the world together; environmental issues)


Booklets Overview

French Curriculum per Year Group