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The early years provision is outstanding. Children are highly motivated by a vibrant and stimulating environment where they are well taught, well cared for and make good progress.



To deliver the content of the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework, giving children a secure foundation and enabling them to 'live life in all its fullness'. 


Learning takes place through a balance of child initiated play and adult led learning, including: 

  • The direct teaching of reading, writing and maths everyday
  • Daily opportunities for children to practise and consolidate their growing knowledge through high quality provision that promotes child-initiated learning 


For our pupils to become: 

  • Unique individuals who form positive relationships with adults and peers 
  • Independent, curious learners who explore and ask meaningful questions 
  • Confident learners who are ready for the next stage in their learning journey 

Key Offers

At Trinity, we have 10 key elements that are offered within our approach to Early Years.

The impact of our approach, which mirrors the four guiding principles from the statutory framework, ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to learn different ways within an enabling environment. 

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Progression and Sequencing 

Our EYFS curriculum has been developed inline with the rest of the school and follows the use of 'driver subjects' for each topic.

This approach allows us to ensure that all Early Learning Goals are deliberately planned for and opportunities are offered within direct teaching and purposeful provision. 

This also ensures that learning over time is sequenced effectively and there is progression; within the Reception year and then on into Year 1.  

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