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Primary Phase Mathematics


To deliver the writing specific content of the Mathematics programmes of study as set out in the national curriculum.


Through embedding the fluency, reasoning and problem solving facets of the mathematics curriculum which are explored and practised throughout the course of a week or over a sequence of weeks.


For our pupils to: 

  • To develop a love of mathematics.
  • To make links between the different strands of mathematics.
  • To become confident mathematicians who can apply their knowledge to real life contexts; evidenced through high quality outcomes.

Progression and Sequencing 

At Trinity we use the White Rose sequential planning framework for our long term and medium term planning. This allows us to add depth and breadth to our mathematics curriculum focusing on whole strands of mathematics over unit blocks to allow for mastery over different mathematical concepts.

Below is an example of the White Rose Yearly Planning Document for Year 4:

Below is an example of the small steps for one block or sequence of learning. The example shows the small steps for Year 4 (weeks 1 to 4 of the Autumn term):

To monitor progression of a child through our maths curriculum we have also used our own progression model (KAO) that tracks the small steps children make through each year group. Below is an extract from the Year 4 KAO document:

Assessment and Monitoring