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Primary Learning

If you would like to see how we ensured pupils' learning was not disrupted during the pandemic, please take a look below.

Remote Learning in COVID times

Remote Trinity Primary Charter

At Trinity Primary, we are going to be making an alteration to our home learning offer as of next week. We are very aware that home schooling means a lot of screen time for all of our children. Therefore next Wednesday afternoon (and all the remote learning Wednesday afternoons after) we will be having a no screen time. This means there will be no afternoon meets on Wednesday as of next week. Do not panic! We are not just pulling the plug on home learning for an afternoon a week. Here is what we have up our sleeve…

Each week, we are going to ask you to support your child(ren) to complete challenges and activities from our ‘Remote Trinity Charter’. Usually, our Trinity Charter consists of all the amazing experiences our children get to have on their journey through Trinity. For example in Year 5 when they visit the Houses of Parliament or in Year 3 when they go to a sports stadium to watch and event.

With the world how it is, our usual Trinity Charter is impossible for our children to access. But fear not. Our wonderful teachers have got their heads together and come up with a ‘Remote Trinity Charter’ that can be completed in your home or in your local area. We have designed activities that can be done as a family or independently by a child or by siblings.

All we ask is that you choose one or two activities a week from the forty ideas we have shared, document them and send them to us either via teacher emails or through children’s Class Dojo portfolios. The aim of this is simple. To give our children a break from relentless screen-time for their own wellbeing and to encourage them to be imaginative, resourceful, creative and collaborative. Below is an example page from our charter.

You will find the full PDF with all forty challenges and activities at the bottom of this page or in an email from the school office. 


Trinity Primary Remote Learning Overview:

Each class will have a 'morning meet' and 'afternoon meet' through Zoom to go through the day's learning and provide whole class feedback. 

Home learning will include:

  • High quality video explanations created by teachers, supplemented by video and curriculum resources provided by the Oak Academy and other high quality resources.
  • Daily learning tasks with the opportunity for pupil responses to be uploaded daily.
  • Feedback given by the class teacher through the Class Dojo learning platform to continue to motivate pupils, provide next steps and inform future sessions.

Please click on the picture below to see a video introduction to Class Dojo, the learning platform we will be using as a tool for setting assignments, linking to morning meets and providing feedback to pupils. 

Whilst no remote learning will ever replicate the quality of what our teachers can offer in the classroom, we are very pleased with the improvements we have made to our systems for home learning. We understand how challenging teaching is and we thank you for your ongoing support as you act as parent-teachers.

Thank you for your ongoing support.