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Parent Curriculum


At Trinity, we recognise that your child’s education is an ongoing partnership between home and school. Evidence shows that parental engagement has a positive impact on average of 4 months’ additional progress indicating children and young people do better when parents and educators work closely together. By working together, we can share in the educational development of your child and build a secure and happy environment in which learning flourishes. Your interest and engagement with your child’s learning is crucial for all pupils at Trinity to achieve personal and academic success.

The Parent Curriculum is designed to provide support to members of our wider Trinity Family (parents and carers) to help the pupils of Trinity on their learning journey; academic, emotional and spiritual. Alongside this, there is learning that is directed at our Trinity parents and carers which aims to inform and support you, so we can work together to enable all pupils of Trinity to flourish and live life in all its fullness. 

Research continues to confirm that when schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to achieve better academic outcomes in school, pursue higher aspirations, make greater improvements in literacy and maths skills, maintain a better school attendance and demonstrate more positive behaviours.

At Trinity, we believe communication should be two-way: consulting with parents about what support would be most helpful is likely to be valuable and increase the effectiveness of engagement. We aim to invite parents to join us for a number of workshops during the school year. All workshops are FREE and specifically designed to support pupil learning.  We firmly believe that it is the best interest of our children that we share with you the knowledge and skills of how we teach as this will ultimately benefit pupil learning. Workshops will be in person, but we will always upload our presentations for parents who cannot attend.