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Home Learning

At Trinity, we regularly set home learning.  This comprises learning tasks which pupils will be expected to complete out of lessons, either at home, in the school Library or at homework club.

The importance of partnership

For home learning to make a positive difference to children's progress there needs to be an open and supportive partnership between pupils, teachers and parents.  When this partnership works well Trinity pupils will develop the attitudes and skills they need to become ambitious and effective lifelong learners.

The intent of home learning

At Trinity, we believe that home learning is an important aspect of our curriculum offer. Teachers set home learning tasks which extend and enhance the learning which has taken place in class as well as consolidating core knowledge that has been covered during the school day. 

We recognise that home learning needs to be accessible to pupils and that they need to find it worthwhile and beneficial to pupils' learning. Home learning activities are shared on either Class Dojo (primary phase) or Microsoft Teams (secondary phase) with pupils being encouraged to check daily.

Home learning aims

  • To encourage the development of metacognition skills so that pupils have the confidence and self-discipline to study productively on their own
  • To consolidate and extend the learning which has taken place in lessons
  • To promote a culture of learning taking place beyond school
  • To add an additional element of interest and enjoyment to the curriculum
  • To provide parents and carers with opportunities to actively participate in their children's education

To find out more about home learning specific to each phase please click the link below:

                                                     home learning at secondary