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This page will contain key information and timetables regarding internal and public examinations.

2021 - Teacher Assessed Grades

Schools must have a published policy on how they are issuing Teacher Assessed Grades this academic year.  Our policy uses the JCQ template and has our paperwork added within the appendix.  Click here to open this document (which can also be found on our policy page).  This shows the data we are using to inform the decision and how we have standardised and moderated across the school to secure accurate grades for pupils.  We have also used the FFT benchmarking system as well as an external data provider to review our data to secure a robust system to ensure we are using the evidence base collected accurately and consistently for our pupils.  Pupils and parents have been fully informed of the systems used and given the timetable for our assessments used to collect the evidence.  We have issued families an engagement tracker - showing how they are working in school, and what grades pupils have been working at through the process.  These are only indicative and are not the final grade.  Straight after May half term all teachers will review all the evidence we have to issue the final grade, which will be uploaded to the exam board.  We wish to thank our year 11 pupils for their hard work and the parents for their continued support.

Examinations 2020

YEAR 11 GCSE EXAM TIMETABLE 2020    (Cancelled until further notice)



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