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GCSE Citizenship Studies

GCSE Citizenship Studies is an optional subject at Trinity. Citizenship Studies is about how people take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally. Students will learn about power, democracy, the operation of government and the legal system, and the role of the UK in the wider world. They will explore and learn about different controversial and topical issues with political, social, ethical, economic and environmental dimensions in local to global contexts. They will experience taking citizenship action and learn from trying to make a difference themselves.

At Trinity GCSE Citizenship aims to allow students to:

  • know and understand what democracy is, how parliamentary democracy operates within the UK and beyond
  • know and understand the relationship between the state and citizens, the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens living and working in the UK
  • know and understand the role of the law in society, how laws are shaped and enforced and how the justice system works in England and Wales
  • use and apply knowledge and understanding of key citizenship ideas and concepts, to think deeply and critically about a wide range of political, social, economic and ethical
  • use and apply knowledge and understanding as they formulate citizenship enquiries, explore and research citizenship issues and actions, analyse and evaluate information and interpret sources of evidence.








Year 9

Theme A

  • The changing population
  • Identity and community cohesion

Theme A

  • Human Rights
  • Rights and local government

Theme B

  • The make-up of Parliament
  • Government spending and holding government to account


Year 10

Theme C

Criminal and civil court

Theme C

Crime and punishment and methods of reducing crime.

Theme E

Research and Citizen Action project

  • Conduct primary and secondary research on a local or national issue.
  • Raise awareness on that issue.

Theme D

Participating in democracy (individuals and pressure groups) 

Year 11

Theme D

The role of the media and a free press

Rights and responsibilities of the media

The use of the media for influence

The UK’s role and relations with the rest of the world

Challenging global situations

Revision and Exams

Example of Citizen Booklet

Example of a Citizenship booklet

Example of a Citizenship knowledge organiser

Assessment in GCSE Citizenship

Students will sit two exam papers in the summer of Year 11. Details for each exam paper can be found below. GCSE Citizenship qualification will be awarded by the Edexcel.