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Character Charter

What is the Trinity Character Charter

Firmly rooted in our ethos of Learning – Loving - Living, we have developed the Trinity Character Charter – a series of activities and experiences that will challenge pupils and help them to develop into citizens of the world and life-long learners.

The Trinity Character Charter aims to support pupils in flourishing both in and outside the classroom. It aims to develop pupils’ skills of independence and perseverance, to encourage selflessness and compassion and help build a sense of kindness and curiosity in the world around them. Pupils will continue to grow academically while also developing their moral and ethical character within our Christian setting. The charter will support pupils in building their cultural capital, in recognising and developing the skills and attributes they already have and will challenge them to think strategically about how they can enhance their education beyond the classroom.

Character Corner to Support the charter

Published every week in the Trinity Newsletter Character Corner helps pupils, parents and carers to engage together in the Trinity Charter with a list of free, social, cultural and educational weekend activities around London, helping pupils to enhance their social and educational development beyond the classroom.




At Trinity, pupils are facilitated to live ‘life in all its fullness’ and have a life enhancing encounter with the Christian faith. Personal development at Trinity is about developing people who can flourish in all areas of their lives.Implementation.


Character Charter



  • Through a bespoke character curriculum pupils will be guided through a wide and rich set of experiences which go above and beyond the normal school offer.
  • Pupils’ talents and interests will be fostered and encouraged through a range of opportunities both inside and outside the curriculum EG trips and visits, courageous advocacy and social justice projects.
  • All pupils, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, are involved in activities and projects that develop their understanding of future careers and the expectations of citizens of modern Britain.
  • The Trinity Offer is coordinated centrally and all stakeholders understand how personal development is an integral part of school life EG through Whole School Worship/Family group time. 
  • Activities in school focus on the individual and the child centred approach to pastoral care is highly effective in nurturing pupils’ SMSC.