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Attendance & Punctuality

We expect all our pupils to be in school for over 97% of the time.  Success, progress and achievement comes with good attendance.  

Over the last 3 years our attendance has been in the best 20% of schools nationally and we would like this to continue.  

Trinity Absence Procedures

If you know your child will not be attending school an any day, please contact the School by 8am in the morning. 

Failure to inform the school of any absence will result in the absence being unauthorised.

For pupils who have continued absence due to illness, an absence will not be authorised unless medical evidence is produced on their return to school.

As part of our commitment to improving the attainment of our pupils we monitor pupil attendance on a regular basis. 

Letters will be sent home for persistent absence, and the Local Authority can issue a Penalty Notice.

The information below shows how attendance can affect your child’s future progression.

Above 97%: Less than 6 days absence a year

Excellent attendance!  These young people will almost certainly get the best grades they can, leading to better prospects for the future.  Pupils will also get into a habit of attending school which will help in the future.

95%: 10 days absence a year

These pupils are likely to achieve good grades and form a habit of attending school regularly. Pupils who take a 2-week holiday every year can only achieve 95% attendance.

90%: 19 days absence a year

Young people in this group are missing a month of school per year; it will be difficult for them to achieve their best.  Young People in this group (from September 2015) are classed as “Persistent Absentees”. 

85%: 29 days absence a year

Parents of young people in this group could also face the possibility of legal action being taken by the Local Authority.

For more please read our Attendance and Puncuality Policy here.