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Trinity First Give social actions awareness program

Today, Year 8 pupils had a special assembly to launch the First Give Social Actions Awareness Program.

Over the course of the year, pupils in Year 8 will study and research local social issues ranging from homelessness, cost of living crisis, societal prejudice, youth projects and charitable work within Lewisham. 

Pupils will then work on a project during family groups time following a program of study to promote and support the work of a local charity/social action organisation. Pupils will then launch, run and manage their own “raising awareness” campaign.

At the end of the project there will be a public speaking presentation in which pupils will try persuading a panel of judges to pick their chosen initiative based on their presentation skills and the work that they have carried out.

The prize is a £1000 cheque for the winning team to donate to the chosen charity / social action group that they have worked with throughout the year.