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Year 11 - Year Progress Leader - Mr S Reid


Year 11 is a critical year for pupils at any school; here, at Trinity, our ethos of learning, loving and living is at the heart of our pastoral care. We want all pupils to achieve their academic potential, achieve progress in their education and gain the best GCSE grades possible.

To do this, the Year 11 pastoral team will support pupils through our Family Groups by guiding student mental health and wellbeing, as well as providing a platform for each pupil to achieve success in the future.  During the course of year 11 we will be ensuring that every pupil makes a career choice which is right for them whether it be moving on to sixth form, college, apprenticeship or other educational journey. 

We pride ourselves on knowing the educational and welfare needs of every pupil and have support set up to meet their needs.  We work closely with a pupils’ family and encourage communication between home and school.  Our aim is for pupils to leave Trinity in year 11 having lived life in all its fullness.

 The Year 11 team can be contacted on the following addresses:  

Year Progress Leader

Mrs Sally Reid

Deputy Year Progress Leader 

Chantelle Griffiths - email address :

Year 11 - Family Group
11 SHA Shermaine Hamilton
11 CSC Cecile Scott
11 RKA Raj Kaur
11 RLO Ruth Lowe
11 BTE Benjamin Teuten
11 Maths Valarie Turkington
11 English Roxanne John /Nicole Moore /

11 Science     Meera Robbins