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    Special Educational Needs and Disabilities(SEND)

    At Trinity we believe that all children should succeed. With this mind set we ensure that our curriculum is inclusive, allowing every child to make progress and achieve their targets.

    For children who find learning difficult, we offer a wide range of interventions and resources to support them both in class and at home.


    Throughout the school day we run high quality interventions that are designed to ‘close the gap’ and give children the extra support they may require. These are run by our Inclusion Team, Teaching Assistants and Class Teachers.

    Outside Agencies 

    Along with the interventions and support offered by the school, we also liaise with external agencies to advise and support both the children and staff during the school day. We use the advice given by Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and have our own Play and Drama Therapist who works with children on a weekly basis. These professionals offer recommendations on how best to support the child in school and offer CPD to our staff to ensure we are consistently offering the best practise possible.


    SENCO is Steven Gallears (Primary & Secondary Phase) 

    Most questions with regards to SEND can be found in our SEND  POLICYClick here for policies

    To view our school SEN information report please click on the button below.