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    To deliver the writing specific content of the geography programmes of study as set out in the national curriculum.


    Through embedding the vocabulary and skills-based facets of geography into an understanding of their local, national and global environment.


    For our pupils to:

    • Be aware of the world around them
    • Become more aware of their and others’ impact on geographical issues and ways that they are being addressed
    • Be able to apply learnt skills in real-life situations
    • Develop pupils’ geographical vocabulary

    Progression and Sequencing 

    Each year group have at least two geography drivers per year. 

    To develop an understanding of their local, national and global environment, children study a range of countries, areas and continents throughout the curriculum. 


    The knowledge we have outlined for each topic has been categorised using four key geographical concepts. 

    These concepts are revisited in each topic with a geography driver and have been carefully planned out to ensure progression. 

    Please open the attachment below to see the full document. 

    Knowledge Organisers 

    Our driver subject facts are either taken from the national curriculum or linked to the local environment or facts. The geographical concepts are clearly mapped out and are revisited in each unit, building on the key concepts.